The Channel Sediment Removal Project

Twin Lakes Channel Project

While boating through the Channel between our two lakes last summer you may have noticed a plume of muddy sediment kicked up by your propeller.  If so, that was a clue to the problem lying beneath your boat that we need to address.  Sediment and the growth of aquatic vegetation since dredging was done in the mid-1950s has filled the channel to the point boats can barely navigate and on occasion pass so close to each other that safety also became an issue.  Fortunately, two applications of aquatic herbicides in 2017 opened the navigation corridor wide enough to reduce safety concerns.  Unfortunately, the shallow navigation channel is still a major concern because only does it greatly limit boat access between the lakes late in the summer, it has potential to do expensive damage to boat propulsion equipment, and the prop of each passing boat stirs up nutrients that degrade water quality by promoting growth of aquatic vegetation.

Your TLIA Board has developed a plan to address this pressing issue.  We have applied for a permit to suction dredge about two feet of sediment across a 60-foot wide navigation channel between the Narrows at Upper Twin Lake down to the bridge at the entrance to Lower Twin Lake and to the boat launch.  Approximately 6,800 cubic yards of sediment will be pumped from the Channel up to the sand pit north of the road on Upper Twin Lake where it will be dewatered.  It will then be loaded and hauled about 3 miles to the Scarcello ranch to be used as a soil amendment.

Twin Lakes Thermometer

The Board has retained the services of an experienced company to help us implement the project.  Estimated project costs are approximately $180,000 – $200,000.  The project may take 6-7 weeks to complete.  If you would like to contribute to this project, you can donate under “How to help” tab on the website.  We will update you on this project as more information becomes available.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Mike Knowles at (509) 863-4359, Doug Jayne (509) 710-7188, or Debbie Andrews at (724) 553-8779.