Idaho Mission Project

The Twin Lakes Improvement Association partners with many volunteer groups to accomplish its goals for the Twin Lakes watershed. This year, their partnership with the Idaho Mission Project (IMP), a volunteer organization run at Twinlow Camp, continues to grow.

Idaho Mission Project (IMP) began four years ago, but has its roots in an older program called the Pacific Northwest Cross Connection. IMP has grown steadily since its beginning, but continues to serve its oldest community partner, the Twin Lakes Improvement Association. The TLIA has been working over the years on the Fish Creek Restoration Project, and Twinlow’s IMP groups have been a part of planting native plants, building fences for cattle exclusion, and restoring the stream bed. All this work serves to keep the watershed system of the Twin Lakes running for years to come.

This year, along with working at Fish Creek, the Idaho Mission Project will be expanding its focus to the lake itself. IMP groups along with TLIA members will be collecting debris along the upper and lower Twin Lakes, moving the debris from banks and channels for the betterment of the watershed. The work will be done by youth volunteers from around the country, most from Washington and Oregon, who come to learn how to serve and be a community during their time together at Twinlow Camp.

Kathryn Cronin Twinlow Camp

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