The “Narrows” Project

Sediment Removal and Bank Stabilization.

Have you been thru the “narrows” area leading from the mid-channel to the upper lake lately? If not, you will notice some dramatic changes.

During last years’ 4th of July Boat Parade, most boats were not able to make it through to the lower lake. This was due to a high level of sediment that had collected over the last 40 years.
Due to drought conditions and historically low rainfall, the water level during October in the narrows was down to a few inches. This exposed the thick layer of sand that had settled over the years.

This provided a unique opportunity for your TLIA Board to take action. But, the window of opportunity was narrow, and action needed to be taken immediately. Property owners next to the “narrows” joined with TLIA and allowed unprecedented access through their private property to the site. A call for help and funding was put out and many of you answered with enthusiasm. Your generous donations made the timing of this project possible. 

A joint permit was issued from the Idaho Department of Lands & the US Army Corps of Engineers.

We want to thank the North Kootenai Water District. The water line for lake residents was exposed and a hazard to boats. The line was also susceptible to damage from boat propellers which would cause water interruption to local residents. At their expense, NKWD replaced the line with one that is now deep in the lake bed, under the channel, free from any potential damage.

The project was completed within 3 days, with excellent results. The scope of work included the removal of the sand and bank stabilization preventing further erosion at the narrow part of the channel. We are pleased with the professional level of work provided by the contractor; Jim Brown Enterprises.

There is now better navigability through the narrows, providing access to both lakes for recreation use. Come to the annual meeting to hear the full story, and see additional photos of the project.

Steve Kolb, VP TLIA

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