Aquatic Lake Rake:

Is the end of your dock a mess of aquatic weeds poking up out of the water, so the kids/grandkids don’t want to swim there anymore? If so, do you need a Lake Rake?


Twin Lakes Improvement AssociationTLIA has purchased three different types of lake rakes available for loan, with a little effort on your part, you can rid the swimming area around you dock of unsightly aquatic weeds. Your kids/grandkids will love you for it. And, you will be doing your part for the environment as each weed removed from the lake improves water quality by removing nutrients that eventually are returned to the lake when the plants die and decompose.

One of the rakes has an extension handle will allow you to reach 15-20 feet out from your dock to cut and remove weeds. We encourage everyone who has aquatic weeds growing around their docks or in front of their lake home to remove them from the lake.

The rakes can be borrowed from TLIA. Please contact Pat Miller 208- 660-3097 for aquatic rake check out.

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